Portlock, situated in the vast expanse of Alaska, has earned a reputation over the years for its enigmatic past and tales of unexplained events. This former thriving community, now largely abandoned, beckons those who have an appetite for mysteries, with legends of Bigfoot and unsolved happenings painting a haunting portrait of this secluded town. 

This article unravels the tales and invites readers to delve into the history and wonder of Portlock.

The Mysterious Tales Surrounding Portlock, Alaska

The allure of ghost towns transcends seasonal interests, drawing thrill-seekers year-round. Amid these abandoned destinations lies Portlock. What exactly led to this remote village’s desolation? The tale of how it transitioned from a bustling community to a place of silence is one of intrigue and speculation.

Legends and Lore: Unveiling Portlock’s Secrets

In the early 1900s, Portlock thrived, its livelihood anchored in the salmon canneries. Named after Nathaniel Portlock, a British naval officer and fur merchant, there’s debate regarding his actual landing spot – with some arguing he may have docked further upstream, near Cook Inlet. Yet, the stories that truly capture one’s imagination go beyond its namesake and delve into the mysteries that cloud this picturesque yet forsaken locale.

Disturbing Events of the 1940s: Portlock’s Downfall

The 1940s were a tumultuous period for Portlock. Reports of Dall Sheep hunters vanishing, mutilated remains discovered in lagoons, and colossal 18-inch footprints found in the snow stirred fear among the residents. Sightings of a mysterious lady in black added to the town’s chilling atmosphere.

In local circles, Sasquatch, referred to as Nantinaq, became the chief suspect. The unusual nature of the injuries on the victims challenged the notion of bear attacks. Soon, tales of apparitions in Chatham Bay and disturbances in the Chrome mine began to circulate.

By the dawn of 1951, the town’s dwindling population had relocated to neighboring villages, culminating in the closure of the Portlock post office.

Locating Portlock: Navigating to the Ghost Town

Situated in Port Chatham Bay, Portlock’s coordinates place it roughly 16 miles south of Seldovia, gracing the southern periphery of the Kenai Peninsula. Accessing this ghost town presents challenges; the closest city, Homer, situated on Kachemak Bay, serves as the primary transit point. Prospective visitors can utilize ferries from Homer to Seldovia or opt for a bush aircraft for a more direct approach.

Exploring Portlock: Is It Possible?

Navigating Portlock is no straightforward task. Despite its captivating beauty, its remoteness coupled with unpredictable coastal weather conditions makes planning crucial. Curious about this ghost town’s atmosphere? One can get a glimpse through the lens of “Alaskan Killer Bigfoot,” a reality program shot in the vicinity.

In its heyday, Portlock was teeming with life. Today, remnants of its history, such as house foundations, corroded cannery apparatus, and a deserted mine tunnel, silently recount its tale. Conversations about breathing life back into the town occasionally surface, but for now, it stands frozen in time.

Ghost Town Spotlight: St. Elmo, Colorado

St. Elmo, originally named Forest City, lies in Chafee County and is a manageable drive from urban hubs like Denver and Colorado Springs. Unlike the veiled Portlock, St. Elmo welcomes visitors to its main street, permitting them to explore its General Store and revel in its storied past.

Once a bustling hub of mining and trade, St. Elmo is now among the nation’s most well-preserved ghost towns. Today, remnants of its once lively establishments stand as a testament to its history, with notable figures like Annabelle “Dirty Annie” Stark emerging as its spectral representatives. Regardless of whether you encounter these spectral inhabitants, the picturesque journey to this former mining hub is a rewarding experience in itself.

The Mystery Behind Cahawba, Alabama – The Abandoned Capital

Once a symbol of prosperity before the infamous Civil War, Cahawba prospered during the antebellum years, not just as Alabama’s inaugural capital but also as a hub for the cotton industry. Nonetheless, nature had its own plans, with seasonal floods often wreaking havoc on the flourishing town. Added to that, outbreaks of Yellow Fever further dwindled its population and by the dawn of the 20th century, the once thriving community was left deserted.

Presently, the remnants of this once-prosperous town are safeguarded within the precincts of the Old Cahawba Archaeological Park. Those keen on history are invited to unravel the tales hidden among its ruins, ancient streets, and graveyards. While the ambiance is largely described as “serene,” whispers do talk of a spectral light in one of its mazes.

Not something one might accidentally stumble upon, the renowned ghostly town of Cahawba is nestled about 14 miles southwest of Selma, positioning it as a worthy detour on a journey from Atlanta, achievable within a mere four-hour drive.

South Dakota’s Hidden Gem: Spokane – The Forgotten Town Amidst Black Hills

Spokane, nestled in the heart of South Dakota, had its moment of glory during the late 1920s. Despite a lucrative phase, the ensuing years weren’t kind, leading to the mine’s closure by 1940. Efforts to rejuvenate its past glory were initiated in the subsequent decade, and a guard continued to oversee the town until the mid-1980s. Today, it stands silently, a town long forgotten.

Situated in Custer Country, Spokane is approximately 16 miles south of Custer, and a mere 10 miles southeast from the famous Mount Rushmore National Memorial. The relics of the past, including an old academic building, scattered structures, and forsaken vehicles, paint a vivid picture of its prime days. An epitaph, belonging to a prospector, narrates his tragic end within the town’s confines.

For those inclined towards exploration, a word of caution: while the tales of specters may or may not be true, the deteriorating state of the buildings presents a real hazard. Nevertheless, for the brave-hearted, a trek through Spokane offers a journey back in time.

Bottom Line

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