The Tongass National Forest is located on the southeast side of Alaska. The preserve is home to forests, the most extensive in the United States, totaling 69,000 km2, Tongass National Forest, USA, forming the largest rain forest in the Pacific.

Tongass National Forest, Alaska, USA, is the largest rainforest in the Pacific and is home to nearly 1,100 islands, nearly all of which are pinnacles of submerged mountains.

The fauna of this U.S. natural landmark is quite sparse because about 40% of the reserve’s land is nearly lifeless: cliffs, snow-capped mountains, and ice prevail around.Brown bears in the Tongass Reserve Brown and black bears live and breed in the reserve. Some might want to buy a leapers collimator scope and come here to hunt, but Tongass is a conservation area and only eco-tourism is allowed here.Tongass forest on the Pacific Ocean In addition to bears, the reserve’s real assets are five species of salmon and bald eagles. The Tongass lands are also inhabited by people, about 75,000 people. Almost the entire population of the reserve is engaged in farming.

This natural landmark of the USA is divided into several conditional zones: forests, glaciers, mountains and tundra – this is the northern region of the Pacific coast; forest reserve Tongass, Alaska forests, where grows a lot of red cedar, hemlock, Sitka spruce and other rare species – these are Great Bear forests; a large abundance of caves on well-drained soil – geological areas of limestone rocks; areas of poorly drained soils – areas of granite formations.

The Tongass Forest Preserve is controlled by the Forest Service, which has an office in Ketchikan. The reserve was created by Theodore Roosevelt who signed a decree in September 1907.Tongass National Forest Reserve in the United States In July the following year the reserve and the Archipelago Alexander Forest Reserve merged to form a single Tongass reserve. Since 1925, the reserve has had the status of a National Wildlife Refuge.
The most prominent attraction of Tongass is the island’s Admiralty National Monument.