1. Alaska’s motto: “North to the Future.
  2. In the northern town of Barrow, polar day and night last for 3 months.
  3. Alaska has a very low population density of 0.49 people per km². By the way, Monaco has 18,679 people per 1 km² (see interesting facts about Monaco)!
  4. About a third of Alaska is located within the Arctic Circle.
  5. Alaska is home to 20% of America’s oil reserves.
  6. Did you know that the highest tsunami on the planet happened in Alaska? In 1958, a glacier collapsed into a lake, resulting in a half-kilometer wave.
  7. During the history of observations the temperature minimum reached -62 ⁰С.
  8. An interesting fact is that the author of the flag of Alaska was 13-year-old Benny Benson.
  9. In Alaska, there are more than 60 highlands, the height of which exceeds 3000 meters.
  10. Interestingly, in one of the cities of the state, the mayor was a cat named Stubbs. He held that position for more than 15 years.
  11. There are opinions in the U.S. that the purchase of Alaska never recouped the cost, as the cost of managing the new territories and the benefits to companies developing Alaska’s natural resources outweighed all the revenue.
  12. According to the local legislation, people are forbidden to wake bears for the purpose of photographing. It is also forbidden here to eject moose from flying airplanes.
  13. In Alaska, Mount Denali (formerly McKinley) is 6,190 m high. It is the highest point in North America (see interesting facts about North America).
  14. In Alaska, you can order pizza, which is delivered to the customer’s home by plane.
  15. Alaska is in a seismically active zone. In 1964, the second most powerful earthquake in the history of observations occurred here.